Want to switch to Consumer Cellular?

Cons Cell RatesBluegrass Cellular customers who are retired and only use their mobile phone to talk, could save money each month by switching to Consumer Cellular.

According to Luis Arquillo, who works at the local Elizabethtown, Kentucky Target, which sells Consumer Cellular mobile phones many retired consumers living in the Elizabethtown area don’t text, and they don’t use data.

“They just use a simple flip phone to talk to friends and family and could save a great deal each month by switching to Consumer Cellular,” Luis said.

Since Bluegrass Cellular is a local mobile phone service provider, many seniors in the local area use them as their provider, he said.

According to Arquillo, AARP members get a 5 percent discount on monthly rates, so they can get 250 minutes of talk time for $14.25 plus tax per month with Consumer Cellular.

Compare that to the minimum monthly bill with the popular local company Bluegrass Cellular, which is $40 plus tax per month. That’s a savings of over $25 per month, according to Luis.

Arquillo said a person can still save almost $25 by switching from Bluegrass to Consumer, even without the AARP discount.

‘For just $20 plus tax per month you can get an unlimited talk plan from Consumer Cellular, which is still a considerable savings over the $40 rate from Bluegrass Cellular,” he said.

But Arquillo advises that savings can disappear quickly if customers use the data by surfing the web, downloading photos or streaming video.

For the mobile phone customer who needs unlimited talk, unlimited texting, and 3GB of data per month, the cost of Consumer Cellular and Bluegrass Cellular are both $40 per month plus tax. Although an AARP member with Consumer would only pay $38 per month, so there is still a small savings potential with Consumer, according to Arquillo.

For more information on the price and plans available for both carriers, visit Bluegrass Cellular pricing and Consumer Cellular pricing.

Has this article peaked your interest? Next will be a discussion of what you need to have ready to make the jump from your current carrier to Consumer Cellular.

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