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Do you have a technology question?

This blog will explore solutions to the everyday Tech challenges faced by the guests of the Target in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

Hi, my name is Dennis Collins, and I’m a retired Soldier who loves all things related to technology, whether its smartphones, 4K televisions, smart watches or gaming consoles. I am married, and I have three sons who also enjoy gadgets as does my wife. I love my iPhone, but I miss my Blackberry. I am a member of the United States Military Academy class of 1990, which is the first class the Academy issued a personal computer. I’ve owned android phones in the past. I own both PC and Mac computers. I use both Google and Amazon tech products. There are nine televisions in my house by five different brands.

I work in the technology department at the Target store in my hometown of Elizabethtown, Kentucky. I am working on a Master of Arts degree in New Media Journalism from Full Sail University with a projected graduation of October 2018. I like to spend time with my family and walk my dogs.

I retired from the Army Infantry after 23 years in June of 2012.

Every day when I work at Target, guests come to me looking for Tech solutions or asking questions about products. For every person who comes in to see me for a solution, I know there are many more people in the community who face a similar dilemma or have a related question. Some people are trying to get rid of cable; others are trying to reduce their mobile phone bill. Still, others want to buy a Fitbit or Apple Watch for a loved one. Regardless of your question, you are not alone, and I’m here to help.
You can expect me to share the questions and dilemmas that Target Guests present me on a daily basis along with my recommended solutions.

These solutions are only my personal opinion and are not recommendations from the Target Corporation. If you do not see an answer to a particular question you have and cannot get to the store to ask me in person, you can reach me at my email: collinsdp@yahoo.com. If I feel qualified to answer your question, I’ll post my recommended solution on this blog to help you and others facing a similar situation.